1. The price includes, as mentioned, rental equipment and guide service.
  2. Payment is required at tour-booking or latest at day of the tour. It´s possible by cash, banc transfer or Paypal. You can cancel your booking at any time – but in your own interest we strongly recommend to do that in written form. As compensation for our preparation-work and expenses we can charge you, depending of the date of notice of withdrawal, the following percentages:
    1. Until 2 weeks before the tour: 0%
    2. from 13 days till 7 days before Tour: 20%
    3. from 6 days till 4 days before Tour: 50%
    4. from 3 days till 2 days before Tour: 70%
    5. 1 day before Tour: 100%
    6. No Show: 100%
  3. If the tour is cancelled from SKYclimber-side, the price will be refunded immediately.
  4. The signee is aware of the dangers of outdoor-activities and confirms the participation on his own risk! SKYclimber and the guides can be made liable only because of detected intention or as act of gross negligence!
  5. The signee can prove that she/he is in the necessary health as well as in the physical and technical condition to take part on the booked excursion.
  6. The signee has obligation to inform the intake of medicine (e.g. Asthma or Diabetes)
  7. The signee confirms that none of the participants is under the influence of drugs or alcohol!
  8. The user of rental equipment is liable for the misuse or damage of equipment used by him/her or a third party.
  9. SKYclimber or the guide is responsible for the safety during the tour. If the guide decides, that one or more participants are not capable to carry on, the tour will be cancelled and there is no refund.
  10. The signee allows SKYclimber the public use as well as the other guests (joining the tour) the private use of the pictures, made during the tour.
  11. The guide instructions must be followed at any time.

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