GUARDINAS of fun & safety

SKYclimber, the outdoor fun specialists

Since 2003 we avouch synonymous for safe and qualified outdoorfun at Lake Garda. We thank you for your trust in us! During Canyoning , Iron path sand Mountain biking ourhigh qualified, english speaking guides and our guidance in small groups guarantee your fun and safe adventure.

Ecology + Sustainability

Only the one who knows the environment can appreciate and protect it... solely SKYclimber owns a positive survey of environmental compatibility for Canyoning in the National Parc „Alto Garda Bresciana“! Furthermore we participated in the „Garda Green Line Tourism“ of GAL right from the beginning.

Family excursions

Especially for our youngest SKYclimberfriends, from 6 years old and upwards, we offer exciting tours with a lot of fun. Ask for our family excursions...
Tours for groups on request!


The Guardian of your fun and safety

Thomas Engels

Founder and owner of SKYclimber. SKYclimber Head-Guide.

Nadine Henn

Dipl. Outdoortrainer, fully-fledged Canyoningguide, Rescue Swimmer.

Leopold Engels

Junior-Owner of SKYclimber,  Monarch and absolute ruler,
Shows everyone where to go...

Oscar Engels

Junior-Junior Chief of SKYclimber,
King and Ruler,  Guide of everyone, who gives him a hand.

Marlene Engels

Junior-Ruler of SKYclimber, Princess of the hearts, Guide of everyone, who carry her.

Fabian Ömmer

SKYclimber Senior-Guide, owner of Oemmer-Mountaineering, IVBV Mountain Guide (licence: 2336),
Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer),
Member of Mountain- and Canyoning Rescue Team, Red Cross Paramedic

Herwig Tobias

Founder and owner of Alpinsport-Achensee.at, IVBV Mountain Guide (Lizenz: 2088), fully fledget Canyoningguide, Guide Mountainbike.

Martin Pichler

Founder and owner of Alpin-Pichler.at, IVBV Mountain Guide (Lizenz: 2150), fully fledget Canyoningguide.

Michael Rohrer

fully fledged Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer).

Adi Goth

fully fledged Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer).

Lothar Hiebl

SKYclimber Senior-Guide, fully-fledged Canyoning- and Raftingguide (Schluchtenführer), Member of austrian Mountain Rescue Team, Rescue Swimmer & White Water Rescue, Member of austrian Wild-Water-Committee.

Alexander Stöger

fully-fledged Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer), skiing instructor.


That's your chance

  • we are always looking for new guids

  • also trainees are always welcome



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