Tandem Paragliding

Did you ever dream to fly like a bird, without any noise and any engine, just you and the wind? People who did fly with us said: that‘s like dreaming with open eyes! But it’s impossible to describe the emotions that you are experiencing during a Tandemflight. It is a unique experience which you will never forget, we are sure that you will be amazed.



Offers finest Kitesurf-Fun at the very best spot at Lake Garda: in Campione. Kitesurf-Courses for beginner, Tecnique-courses and Lift-Service - here you can get everything!


Flying frogs

Is the adventure-trails in the Alto Garda Bresciano. Situated in a natural heaven of great beauty, they offer various opportunities to challenge yourself with adrenalin-packed fun for all ages (from the age of three upwards).


Knights of the sky

Cavalieri del cielo does have their Base close to Lake Tenno - a little Lake in the north of Lake Garda. They offer great flight with excellent value in an extralightplane. 30 minutes costs app. 75,- Euro - and only you and the pilot will fly to whereever you want and whatever you would like to see. An unique und unforgettable experience.


ZIPtransfer - as fast as possible from Airport to Holiday...

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