In the Alps, there is no region better known and more popular for the Iron Paths like the Dolomite-Mountains around Lake Garda. These Iron Paths (Vie Ferrate) guarantee an exciting and unforgettable day in the mountains. In small groups, the SKYclimber-Guides will bring you safely and capably on the peaks. They are always very closed to the beginners and children, to react immediately in case of troubles or fear! Like that, the Iron Paths become an easygoing amusement.

All you need is your own backpack including Drinks (especially in summer very important!), if needed a snack and as footwear we recommend sturdy boots with a good tread! Please do not forget your camera...  

Our Iron Paths tours

Name of tour




Sentiero Colodri

very easy - Level 1 of 5

44,00 Euro

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Rio Sallagoni

easy - Level 2 of 5

55,00 Euro

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Via Amicizia

medium - Level 3 of 5

88,00 Euro

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Via Bandito

medium - Level 3 of 5

99,00 Euro

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Che Guevara​​​​​​​

difficult - Level 4 of 5

99,00 Euro

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Monte Albano​​​​​​​

difficult - Level 4 of 5

99,00 Euro

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Rino Pisetta​​​​​​​

very difficult - Level 5 of 5

122,00 Euro

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Privat guiding - your individual adventure

a little bit extra and your very personal individual adventure?

We do have a special Extra for you: PRIVAT GUIDING!

A Guide exclusively for you - completely privat!

How to book our tours:

For a definite reservation we just need a mail including the wanted tour and the period you will stay at Lake Garda. In case of uncertainty please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone. For a mail - please click here...

Furtheron please also the following Information from all participants: Name, gender, age, body-height (in centimeters), cloth size and shoe size from each of you. Further on please one mobile number, we you are reachable, just in case of short-term changes, etc…

Important: As you expect we will provide a proper and safe guided tour for you. In return we ask you to carefully think before booking, and then stick with it. We do not claim a deposit because we trust people, in the same way you can trust us. A short-term cancellation or no-show will cost us a lot of money, and because we are always guiding in small groups, you may have denied someone else the opportunity to go on tour with us.

Just in case, you would like to explore the Iron Paths on your own - for just 12,00 Euro you can borrow the complete Via Ferrata Safety Set.

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