Are the tours dangerous?

NO, with us definitely not! But every kind of Sport includes a bit of remaining risk, which can´t be excluded - even with best preparation and most professional guiding.

Can I do the tours together with my Children?

Sure you can – most Kids love activities with their family. Starting by the age of 6 years they can join our tours.

I have never done something like this - which Tour?

The Level 1 (= very easy) are mentioned for the children.
The perfect beginner tour for Teenager as well as Adults are the level 2 tours (= easy). Please keep in mind: Level 2 (= easy) does not mean it´s boring - it just signifies that this tour is feasible for everyone.

I am pretty sporty and love Adrenalin – which Tour?

Level-3-tours (= medium) will be the best choice for you. These tours are well doable for sportive beginners. Starting from Level 4 (= difficult) sports-specific-experiences are required.

How can I book the tours?

Just fill out the booking-request here on these sites and send it to us – we will response immediately.

What happens in case of bad weather ?

At the very first – only a few clouds or some raindrops does not count as bad weather! We are constantly checking several weather-forecasts and if the forecast is really bad we will inform you one day before the tours starts, that there might be some changes. Latest in the early morning of the tour date we will keep you informed. So check your cell-phone before you leave. And please remember: a forecast longer than 2 days is only a possibility… so do not trust any weather-apps more than us!

What do I have to bring

For Canyoning:
You just have to bring swimwear and sturdy shoes (please no Sandals, Flip-Flops, Crocs or high-heels). If needed we can provide you a pair of shoes. Please do not forget a towel and replacement-clothes for after the tour.

For Iron paths and Mountainbike:
You just have to bring sportive comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes (please no Sandals, Flip-Flops, Crocs or high-heels). Please do not forget your backpack with your personal belongings (a lot to drink in summer!)

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