Give away a bit of adventure...

...very easy with our SKYclimber-Coupon!

Again on the difficult search for a matching gift? With our SKYclimber-Coupon  for shure you can´t get wrong. Quite the opposite: Give your partner, your friends or your family an unforgettable experience with breathtaking scenery!

It is so easy:

1) Select Any Tour or Sport package from our program

2) mail (or call) to SKYclimber with your request for bank details and coupon code

3) money transfer of corresponding sume

4) Once the money is credited to our account, you will receive the coupon code from us

5a) download our Voucher-PDF file - print - use code - away

5b) create your own voucher - use code - give it away

Here you can find our coupon as pdf file for self-printing!

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