The Guardian of your fun and safety

Thomas Engels

Founder and owner of SKYclimber. SKYclimber Head-Guide.

Nadine Henn

Dipl. Outdoortrainer, fully-fledged Canyoningguide, Rescue Swimmer.

Leopold Engels

Junior-Owner of SKYclimber,  Monarch and absolute ruler,
Shows everyone where to go...

Oscar Engels

Junior-Junior Chief of SKYclimber,
King and Ruler,  Guide of everyone, who gives him a hand.

Marlene Engels

Junior-Ruler of SKYclimber, Princess of the hearts, Guide of everyone, who carry her.

Fabian Ömmer

SKYclimber Senior-Guide, owner of Oemmer-Mountaineering, IVBV Mountain Guide (licence: 2336),
Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer),
Member of Mountain- and Canyoning Rescue Team, Red Cross Paramedic

Herwig Tobias

Founder and owner of Alpinsport-Achensee.at, IVBV Mountain Guide (Lizenz: 2088), fully fledget Canyoningguide, Guide Mountainbike.

Martin Pichler

Founder and owner of Alpin-Pichler.at, IVBV Mountain Guide (Lizenz: 2150), fully fledget Canyoningguide.

Michael Rohrer

fully fledged Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer).

Adi Goth

fully fledged Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer).

Lothar Hiebl

SKYclimber Senior-Guide, fully-fledged Canyoning- and Raftingguide (Schluchtenführer), Member of austrian Mountain Rescue Team, Rescue Swimmer & White Water Rescue, Member of austrian Wild-Water-Committee.

Alexander Stöger

fully-fledged Canyoningguide (Schluchtenführer), skiing instructor.


That's your chance

  • we are always looking for new guids

  • also trainees are always welcome


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